Fall Photograph of my Own Family in Yorktown, VA by Simple Soul Photography.

Hi there, I'm Audra!  I'm a native Virginian, Navy submarine wife and a mother of three (or five, if you count my two pugs, and I do).  In previous work-lives, I've been a school counselor (elementary school), pastry chef, and property management bookkeeper - but my absolute favorite job is photography since it's the only one that never feels like work to me.   I use my school counseling experience working with children to help me capture families, children and babies at their best and most natural selves in a fun, relaxed manner.  I also LOVE working with preschools and have photographed literally thousands of preschoolers in my volume photography work (so if you have a preschooler, talk to me if you want better better school photos!).  Finally, I'm a pet and HGTV lover and love applying those obsessions to something productive by offering pet and real estate photography services.

 I'm a go-with-the-flow sort of person on the outside, but a typeA-planning-organization-obsessed person on the inside. Clients tell me I'm calm and good with kids (which I take with a grain of salt because my own three are not always so thrilled to spend time in my company).  I try to make everything I can into a game during photo sessions so that children never realize they are doing exactly what we want them to do (so each session is a great experience that children look forward to repeating year after year).  I love helping clients - from outfit choices to frame options - achieve the photo session they've always wanted, one that is fun and stress-free, but also produces amazing photos.

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